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Quick background on Fractals:
   Fractals are geometric patterns, typicaly dealt with as images, that are repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry.  They are created by using a mathematical algorithm, have infinite depth and detail, and display high amounts of symmetry-- repeating themselves though out.
  Benoit Mandelbrot can be given most of the credit for the discovery of fractals-- he coined the term.  In 1980, Benoit worked for IBM and created the first fractal image 
Mandalbrot top level
Top level of Mandelbrot set
using computers IBM made at the time.  His fractal equation became known as the Mandelbrot set.  The image to the left is quite possibly the most identified fractal image (not this image in particular) although many people may not know it's origin.  This image is the at the top level of the Mandelbrot fractal set.  The basic shape seen here repeats itself again and again though out the fractal set as one zooms in.

To learn more about the origin and math behind fractals, goto the links page.

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