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About the Artwork:
   I made this site to share some of my fractal artwork with the rest of the world.  The artwork and software here does not have much for terms of use.  Please see copyright information to find out about distribution and modification of work found on this site.
How the Works are Created:
   All the fractals used in the compilations on this site were created using custom software written by Andrew Que; although basically any fractal software could have been used.
   The compilations are created by bringing in the fractal images into Paint Shop Pro.  I have used Paint Shop sense the Windows 3.1 days and I like it because it's powerful, yet simple-- but maybe I'm just use to it.  Most are simply the combination of two or more fractals using multiple layers with transparentency.  The more complex compilations start with the multilayer fractal mixes and have other images added.  Then, the mixes are "flattened" (i.e. all layers are put together) and effects may be added to achieve the end result.

About the Site:
   With the exception of this text, this site has not been updated in years. The author, Andrew Que, has been doing a good deal of other things. To see other artwork by the author, visit his home page:
   This site has been created by Andrew Que.  All artwork, banners/background imagery, animation and source code on this site has been composed by Andrew Que.  No images/animation on this site were borrowed.  Site layout and design done by Andrew Que.  

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Andrew Que
   I've tried to give credit to all software I used in the creation of this site and the contents found in it.
   Creation of this site was done using Netscape Composer 4.74 and is best viewed with Netscape Communicator in any resolution.  This site should look aright in internet explorer.
   Hosting for this site is done by DrQue.Net (Andrew Que's domain).  Web serving is done in house.  For more information about how hosting is done, visit the about page of DrQue.Net.

About the Author:
   I am Andrew Que and just a computer enthusiast.  I don't design web pages for a living, nor do I consider myself an artist.  I just do this for fun and I hope you enjoy the site. - Andrew Que, 2002 -:)

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