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   This site isn't updated and all the software here is quite old and really only up for historical reasons. If you are looking for fractal software, please refer to the links page for links to other projects.

There's a big update coming to the Fractal software
   Our fractal software is undergoing a complete rewrite.  We are porting from the old DOS based Turbo Pascal 7 code to GNU C.  The new system is being developed using the Cygwin and OpenGL/GLUT.  This system allows us to write GUI software that will run in both Windows and X environments.  It also means we'll be using a compiler that can utilize all the modern CPU instructions-- giving a huge speed increase.
   We are not finished with the rewrite yet, but several fetchers have already been added.  One of the coolest is the addition of multiple precision math, allowing some nearly unlimited zoom ability.  It's slow, but we tested a zoom to lower then 2^155.
For a little more information, see my page on The Multiple Precision Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer (MPMFE).

   Andrew Que's Fractal software was used to create all the fractal images on this site.  It is a DOS program written by Andrew Que and is avalibal here with full source code.  If you are new to fractals, I recomend starting with easyer to use software (see the links page for sources)
   There are two versions of the software: one for 256 color fractal generation and one for 24 bit fractal generation.  Both allow one to zoom into arias of the Mandelbrot fractal set and save the view as a .BMP image.  Added in distribution 1.1 of the 24 bit generator is the ability to create fractal zoom animation files which can be converted to AVI files.

To operate the software, consult the manual page.
This software can be a little confusing because it was mainly written for my use, so I recommend at least browsing the manual for key functions and such.

NOTE to windows users: You must modify .PIF settings so the fractal explorer software starts up full screen or it will not work.

Please contact me and tell me what you think about this software.  I'm cerrious to have some feedback.

File Size MD5 Description
74F02CE7 963A3B4A 63AD0265 983983B9
Binary executable of the 256-color fractal explorer
31C49EDF D375BC04 DF72A946 27BA5629
Binary executable for the 24-bit color fractal explorer
4301B55F 36554B91 04DC64C5 55B96DBF
Binary executable for zoom file viewer
3219CC12 2C2BE277 930053AB 9BBD0226
Binary executable to convert zoom file to an AVI video
1FC025BE 440C55CC E1A8B26A DA380924
Complete pascal source code for  fractal exploring software, zoom viewer and AVI converter
Code and software offered "as is".

   The software is written and compiled in Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0.  Portability is questionable because of the use of VESA VGA.  However, this unit could by replaced without too much work.
   Pascal translates into C fairly easily.  If you're wanting a C or C++ version of this software, I'd probly help you do the translation.  Contact me if you are intrested.

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