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The Multiple Precision Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer (MPMFE)
   MPMFE is a Mandelbrot fractal explorer that incorparates multiple precision arithmetic to allow nearly infinate zoom capibility.  It's build using the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP) and so far has been tested to a zoom to a depth of more than 2^155 times.

Febuary 19, 2004 We added the use of threads to take advantage of duel/multiprocessor systems.
May 5, 2006 There has been no updates made to MPMFE since 2004 and there are currently no future plans for updates.

One deep zoom....
   This frame shows a repeat of the top level at a zoom depth of more than 2^155 times.  It took nearly 3 hours to zoom to this location using a small 100x50 frame, and about 19 hours, 20 minutesto render a 1000x1000 frame at 65534 max loop itirations on a 1000 MHz PIII.  It doesn't look too intresting, but it shows how deep one can go using multiple precision arithmetic.  Without using multiple precision, 128-bit floatint point is limited to a depth of about 40 trillion times before running out of precision.

View full image
1000x1000, 16 million color PNG, 2 MB

Frame statistics:
    StartX: -0.1747105648093733948402252821467063937708350745354287365430086825230085724607033
    StartY: -1.072045198742914661304041307872641824088283571902801227574543365201808804315612
    Depth: 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000683843339109604646351715207011182 (...)
    Zoom : 58,492,929,173,049,827,986,862,862,709,479,972,456,299,060,901.41x
    Itiration limit: 65534
    Itiration range: 4525 to 65513
    Average: 6118
    Standard deviation: 3251.65942

What we're going to try next
    So one migh ask, why are we developing this new software?  Good question!  And we do have some project ideas.
    Our first project, which will be requiring high resolution, is to create a 600 dpi fractal frame at the size of 4 feet wide by 6 feet high-- that's 28800x43200.  Why so big?  Well, our goal is to print a poster size proof of this image-- 4'x6' at 600 dpi.  We will be looking for a very detailed frame to capture for this, with the idea of being able to apreshate the fractal at whatever distance one look at the poster from.  We already have some locations in mind for this project and we estimate the finial rendering will take several days.  The resulting image will be 3.5 gigabytes!
    Our second project is a continious 5 minute fractal zoom.  We will most deffently need the multiple precision abilities of our new software.  The maximum length of our previous software was around 30 seconds.

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